The 5 Best Springtime Detox Diets

Spring time is so beautiful. It fills you with happiness, love and an energy to renew yourself. A great way to feel fresh and featherly light is to do a good detox.

Springtime detox allow  you to lose those extra pounds you put on to help you fight the cold winter. They also are a great way to clean your digestive system after all the heavy meals. It also fills you with vitamins and boosts your immunity system.

Your skin will look better. You will feel lighter and full of energy. Try one of these 5 best springtime detox diets.



Also known as the Master Cleanse. It was created by STanley Burroughs over 60 years ago.

In order to have all the nutrients you need while detoxing hard, mix: lemon juice, maple syrup, pure water and cayenne pepper.

You must follow it strictly for at least 10 days. And yes, you will be visiting the bathroom quite often!



If 10 days seems too long for you, here is a short one.

The Fruit Flush Detox Diet was invented by Jay Robb. He maintains that you do not need more than 3 days to detox. And nevermind strange combination of things. According to him, all you need is fruit!

You will be taking a certain amount of  fruit every 2 hours for 3 days. This means that your blood sugar levels will be stable throughout.



Based on the well known Ayurvedic medicine, which is thousands of years old.

Martha’s Detox Diet doesn’t allow your body to build up toxins because it eliminates all acidic foods from your diet.

This supposedly balances the PH of your body to an ideal and natural,  alkaline state.



The Colon Detox Diet focuses on eliminating any trace of constipation you might be suffering. Constipation is a clear sign of a colon that has been overloaded and needs to detox. It also balances your electrolytes.

This Detox Diet can last between 7 and 10 days. It consists of lots of freshly juiced vegetables, water and soup. It also uses an enema or a laxative. We do not recommend the use of unsupervised enemas and laxatives, so please consult with your doctor before using any of them.

You will have a stronger immune system and your energy levels will be through the roof!



The Raw Food Detox Diet is not just to detox. If you are thinking of moving towards a permanent raw food diet, this will help you make the transition that much easier.

It was designed by Natalie Rose. It combines foods for a quick exit and means your digestion will improve, while ingesting higher and higher levels of fruit and vegetables.

Do not worry about all the deficiencies that raw vegan diets usually come with. This diet gives you healthy animal products (and chocolate!) so you are not missing anything you need.

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