5 Metabolism Boosting Foods

Christmas holidays are only a month away! We all want to enjoy those great, lavish meals. And yes, we will have a few drinks. All this can lead you to add on a few pounds. If you want to make sure you eat well, on the few normal days of december. If you want to lose some weight before the festivities get here and enjoy all that delicious food. Or if you just want to learn how to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster, here are five foods to help you out!


Oranges, lemons, limes and the famous grapefruit. Citrus fruit provide a great amount of vitamin C, which is thought to help you metabolize fat faster.

Researchers at Scripps Clinic gave participants half a grapefruit with every meal for 12 weeks and they lost an average of 3.6 pounds.

These fruits boost your vitamin C which boosts your metabolism and also give you fiber and help you feel full for longer.


Berries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are a great source of dietary fiber.

The truth is fiber cannot be digested by your body. You try to digest it, burning calories in the process. Fiber also helps your digestion along, not allowing you to absorb all of the fat and calories.

One cup of berries a day is enough fiber, with very little calories to help you boost your metabolism.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here is how to make it work to your advantage.

The Journal of American Dietetic Association published a study which concluded that the group of women who ate cereal for breakfast were 30% less likely to be overweight than the group who had other breakfasts.

Fiber boosts your metabolism and gives you energy with a great number of nutrients while making you feel full for a long time. Fiber also helps keep your insulin levels steady, which makes your food cravings less frequent.


Eating lean protein, such as beef, chicken and turkey requires you to spend a lot of energy to digest it. This speeds up the metabolism and burn more fat.

We have all tried the high-protein diets. These diets are great to shed pounds off quickly, but they tend to come back with time. If you follow a high-protein diet, you burn twice the amount of calories after a meal, as those who follow a high-carbohydrate diet. Protein also helps protect muscle loss during weight loss, which is great if you started working out.

We recommend that you combine fiber and protein in your meals and snacks. Studies show that combining fiber and protein make you feel full for longer with fewer calories. Boost your metabolism.


Garlic is a well known source of nutrition. It helps you keep your immunity system strong.
Your immunity system might be compromised when you change your diet and your exercise habits.

Garlic also helps you fight aging and even shed more weight. The Journal of Nutrition published a study that linked garlic to burning an increased number of calories during the day and decreasing your production of fat.

10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight


You seem to be doing everything right. You exercise, you diet but you are not losing any weight. This can be frustrating. Here are 10 reasons why you are not losing weight. Once you are aware of them, it will be easy to get you to your ideal weight!


It’s a simple cycle: you eat healthy; you workout and then you reward yourself with a treat.


The truth is, you never know how many calories you have worked off with your exercise routine. You might even be undoing it all and putting on more weight.


It’s important that you reward yourself in other ways, or in a controlled manner.



Adding an exercise routine to your busy day is hard. It is common to make that time by sleeping less. Add to that, the extra time to prepare healthy meals and you might be looking at a significant lack of sleep.


Your body needs time to recuperate from the workout. It needs rest. When you are sleep deprived, your body’s performance is affected. It slows down your metabolism. Your body looks for ways to compensate for the lack of rest, so it craves more food. It needs to fuel itself.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.



We all like to feel like an athlete when working out. You go out for a run, exercise and drink a fruit juice, smoothie, soft drink or even a Gatorade. You think you are replenishing all the minerals you lost through sweat. That is not what you are doing.


You are ingesting a lot of sugar and other substances that your body doesn’t need. Athletes need extra minerals because they work out so hard. You are trying to lose weight, to keep fit. All you need is some water with a few drops of lemon (natural!).



You are taking the time to prepare healthy, colorful and fresh meals. But you are still not losing weight.


Here’s the trick: control your portion sizes. There is no point in putting so much effort in preparing tasty dishes, don’t waste it all. Moderate your portions so you control the amount of calories.


Yes, it seems like a contradiction. Our bodies are very complicated. Here is how it works.


If you eat too little, your body thinks there is no food around. In order to protect itself, it starts to accumulate all the fat it can. The little fat and all the calories it can get, it will store them.


Make sure you eat enough.


Your body has many defense mechanisms. It always looks for ways to protect itself.


Everything you eat, or don’t. The exercise you do. All of it sends messages to your body. That is why you need to be consistent. If you eat too little and then too much, you are saying to your body: “Times are tough, there isn’t much food around. Let’s accumulate fat. Here is a lot of food: our opportunity to gather calories in these hard times.”


Doing the same workout day in, day out is not also boring, but you also lose less weight.


As you get better and better in the areas you exercise, you get better at them. It gets to a point where you either need to do A LOT of reps, or you need to change the workout.

Target different areas. Vary the sets of exercises so you don’t do the same routine throughout the week. Keep your body guessing.


We seem to be obsessed with losing weight nowadays. Yes, there is a problem with obesity in this country. But, what is your ideal weight?


It is important for you to have a goal in mind. Check with your doctor to see what your goal should be and help you keep track of your progress.


Remember that a number might not be what you are looking for. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are looking to tone your body and shed a few pounds, you might end up gaining a few and still look better than ever.


Track your measurements and your water retention levels. Make sure you check these no more than once every two weeks. Constantly measuring yourself will only make progress seem slower.


There are many reasons why you put on weight and cannot get it off.


If you have followed a diet and exercised for a while – be honest with yourself! – and have not lost weight, it might be worth checking with a doctor. There are many conditions, hormonal imbalances for example, that could be causing your weight problem.

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How to Tone Your Arms and Lose Weight At the Same Time


You want to lose weight and are following a strict diet and exercise routine. You are doing lots of cardio and sweating.

As you shed the weight you start to feel… flabby. Toning your body is the next step, but you cannot stop losing weight. It is best to focus on one area to tone. Here’s how to tone your arms and lose weight at the same time in 5 simple exercises.


What could be easier? Stretch out your arms and draw small circles with them. Circle clockwise for a few minutes and anticlockwise for a few more. Yes, it is that simple.


You can try smaller and bigger circles. It’s important that you are comfortable, but smaller circles work best. This exercise allows you to tone your arms while losing weight because it keeps you moving.


This one requires weights. Choosing the right weight to start with is important. If you want to tone without bulking up and actually lose weight, smaller weights are better. One pound weights are great.

hammer curls

With one weight in each hand and keep your arms low on your sides. Your palms should face your body. Bend your elbows, lifting the weights up to your shoulders. Lower your arms again. 4 sets of 10 will do. Make sure your elbows stay in place and your upper arm don’t move.


Don’t worry. It’s easy. Place yourself a couple of feet away from a chair. Put your hands on the seat of the chair with your fingers towards your body. Keeping your legs straight, move your hips downwards without touching the ground. Lift yourself back up.

tricep dips

This is an exercise that tones the back of your arms and your shoulders. 5 sets of 5 reps should be enough to start with. You will feel the difference right away.


Here is the star of our routine. Once again, start with small weights. One pound will do.

Bring the weights to your shoulders. Your back should be straight and your chest up. Grip the dumbbells in the middle, centering the weight in each hand.

bicep curls

Hold the weights with your palms looking forward. Keeping your elbows in place, bring the weights to your shoulders and slowly back down. 3 sets of 15 reps should be enough to get you started.


It’s true: push-ups are no fun. However, small variations of them can make them easier and more effective.


To start with, you can try being on your knees. Being on your feet makes you work your abs and core. That is great, but we are focusing on our arms. Later on, you can move on to your feet.


5 sets of 5 reps is a good starting point.

woman exercise

This routine is designed as a complement to your diet and cardio routine. Doing these by themselves will not be enough. Make sure you workout to tone your arms but do not over do it. It takes some time and patience for your body to change, but it will be worth it!