5 ‘Fitness Foods’ to Help You Get in Shape Faster

Starting a new exercise regime can be hard. Here are 5 foods that will help you adjust to the changes and improve your results.


Drinking beetroot juice is a powerful way to increase your stamina. Research shows that it might even be better at raising your energy levels than caffeine.

Researchers in the United Kingdom got a group of athletes and separated them into two groups. One of the groups received a placebo and the other, 16 ounces of organic beetroot juice. The results were fascinating.

The athletes who drank beetroot juice improved their performance by over 15%.

Beetroots are available all year-round and are easy to prepare. Go get some right now and start taking advantage of this powerful gift from nature.


Honey will help you improve your endurance.

Researchers at the University of Memphis concluded that honey steadies your blood sugar and insulin levels over a long period of time if consumed before exercising.

It also improved athletes’ endurance, speed and boost power. For best results, look for organic honey.


Pea protein powder is the latest must-have in every athletes’ nutrition plan.

During exercise, it delays fatigue because it is filled with branched chain amino acids. It is also rich in arginine, which enhances your immunity system. And it contains lysine, helping you absorb all the calcium you need.

All you need is one spoonful of pea protein powder. Which is roughly about 25 grams of lean protein. It is great in smoothies or your milk and cereal.


Blueberries had long been suspected of being a natural anti-inflammatory.

Researchers at Appalachian State University decided to test its effects on athletes. They were given 9 ounces of blueberries every day for six weeks and 13 ounces an hour before they ran for two and a half hours.

Researchers were startled by the results. Not only did it reduce inflammation, reducing recovery time. It also increased the number of natural killer cells, strengthening their immune system.

Blueberries are easy to include in your diet. they can be eaten fresh, frozen in smoothies or dried once to carry with you as a snack.


We all ache after a good workout. Tart cherry juice have been found to be a great supplement to reduce pain and regain strength.

Scientists a the University of Vermont’s Human Performance Laboratory designed an original experiment.

They chose two groups of male athletes. One of the groups was given 12 ounces of tart cherry juice and the other received a placebo twice a day for eight  days. On the fourth day, both groups had to complete a tough strength-training workout.

A couple of weeks later they repeated the experiment, but this time the placebo group took the tart cherry juice and vice versa. The conclusions were astonishing. Pain was significantly reduced and and strength loss was reduced by almost 20% on average.

Fresh tart cherries are delicious. Frozen and dried options might be easier to come across all year round. Juice is a good option too.