Five Exercises You Need To Do To Get That Butt!


Whether you are going on a cruise to a sunny beach this Christmas holiday or trying to keep your slim summer shape throughout the winter, you absolutely need to include these exercises in your routine!

Just three sets twice a week will get you there. For even better results, combine them with some cardio: 30 seconds of intense cardio and up to 60 seconds of rest at least 5 times per session. Take it slowly at first, as your body gets used to the routine increase the intensity of the workout.

It’s important to concentrate on every movement so you can get the most out of your session and avoid any injuries.



This exercise is specifically designed to work out your buttock, thighs and knees.

Know your muscles
Know your muscles

Place one foot on a step and the other a couple of feet behind you. The height difference will increase the intensity of the workout.

Step lunge
Step lunge

Keeping your back comfortably straight, bend both knees. Drop as low as you can and hold. Remember not to move forwards, but downwards.

Move back up and repeat 15 times with each leg.


Lie on your back. Stretch your arms to the sides and bend your knees placing your feet flat on the ground. Now straighten one leg and keeping it raised, lift your hips evenly.

Single-leg glute bridge
Single-leg glute bridge

Do not try to hold before lowering your hips. Remember to point your raised foot towards the ceiling. 15 to 20 reps with each leg should be plenty!


This time, we are lying face down on the floor. Your arms are extended as if you were about to fly off beside Superman.

Contract your glutes. This is very important! Do not force your back, concentrate on your rear and lift your chest off the ground.

Alternating Superman
Alternating Superman

Now we need some coordination: lift your left leg and your right arm, hold the position for three seconds and lower them. Now raise your right leg and left arm.
Do 15 reps for each arm-leg combination.


Yes, we do need a resistance band for this one. Place it around your legs, this can be around both ankles or below the knees. Whatever position is more comfortable for you.

Low lateral band walk
Low lateral band walk

Keeping your back straight and looking forward, hold your hands in front of your chest to keep balanced and take a step to one side. The resistance band should tense. Take 10 steps to one side and then return taking 10 steps in the other direction.


We can try to avoid them, but squats are absolutely necessary for a great rear! Here’s how to get the most out of them.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your head. Intertwine your fingers if you feel more comfortable.

Low squat
Low squat

Keeping your back straight (Don’t force it!) and your chest out, lower your hips downwards. Your knees should keep in line with your toes. Ideally your hips should be as low as your knees. If you cannot manage that far without arching your back, don’t worry! You will get there eventually.
Concentrate on your heels to push back up. 15 reps should be more than enough!