Top ‘Health Foods’ That Aren’t Really Healthy


Not all healthy labeled foods are what they seem. Here is a guide to the 7 top ‘health foods’ that aren’t really healthy.


Fruit juices are advertised as a healthy way to consume fruit while hydrating. Let’s look closer at their ingredients.


Mostly made of water, with little or no fruit juice concentrate, they are full of artificial flavors and sugar. If you are looking to keep hydrated and healthy, skip the juice.


If you make your own fruit juice, be careful! While introducing juices into your diet is not a bad idea, eating the whole fruit is always better. Natural fresh fruit juices lose around 50% of the fruit’s natural vitamins but none of the sugar.


Since we are looking at unhealthy drinks, let’s see what sports drinks do to your body.


Who are they designed for? Athletes. They were not meant to be for us to have any time. They were designed for athletes who take part in intense workouts.


Sports drinks are made up of water, electrolytes (sodium, for example) and sugar. Most of us already are ingesting too much sugar. Electrolytes are only needed if you have had an intense training session. The rest is water.

Next time you think of buying a sports drink, add a few drops of lemon juice to your water and hydrate healthily.


Seed and vegetable oils – soybean, corn or cottonseed oil – are obtained from seeds using a high heat, bleaching and toxic solvents.


If you consume a lot of see or vegetable oils, you’ll be ingesting omega-6 fatty acids. These are linked to inflammation and chronic disease.


They also contain trans fats. What should we do? Switch over to olive oil.


These foods avoid using saturated fats because they were believed to be bad for our bodies. We now know that saturated fats are harmless.


In order to have food taste as good, food manufacturers turned to using artificial sweeteners and sugar. Why would you choose to eat more sugar and chemicals instead of a little fat?


Next time you are at the supermarket and need to decide which yogurt to buy, natural is best!


The food industry went a little crazy against fat before we knew all the facts. Along came substitute and margarine consumption has been on the rise ever since.


Margarines used to be filled with trans fat but are now made with processed vegetable oils. We’ve already seen why we should avoid those.


Let’s face it, if you are on a diet to lose weight you should avoid both, butter and margarine. If you are not dieting but want the healthier option, have some butter. Don’t go overboard and enjoy how great it tastes!


These bars were designed for athletes who eat every 2 or 3 hours and climbers who are in such harsh conditions they need to maximize their calorie intake. Are you either of those?


If you are not, you should avoid them. Again, avoid any intake of unnecessary processed, sugar-filled and artificial flavors.


Yes, energy bars are convenient and tasty. So if you still want to enjoy one, check the label and choose the healthier option.



Check the label! When buying anything, especially if they are branded as ‘healthy’, check the label.


Breakfast cereals are mostly refined carbohydrates with sugar, synthetic vitamins and some whole grains. We don’t want to add anymore of those into our diet. If you want to include cereal into your breakfast, make sure you are getting the natural, nutrient-filled ones.

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